si-Cluster welcomes Artemis Aerosurvey

Athens, 09th October 2017: The si-Cluster welcomes a new member, Artemis Aerosurvey, a privately held start-up company specialized in Earth Observation and Environmental Monitoring, Geospatial projects development and in technical infrastructure monitoring, using cutting edge technology, and finally, in the development of advanced GIS and Remote Sensing services.

By collecting, processing, “translating” and combining Remote Sensing and Digital Photogrammetry data from Spaceborne and Airborne Sensors, as well as terrestrial measurement data, ARTEMIS provides high-tech G.I.S. Decision Support Systems and Early Warning Systems. Additionally, takes part in proposals for Copernicus improvement services and develops Remote Sensing methodologies and algorithms on SENTINELS for automating the environmental monitoring processes.

Artemis Aerosurvey's representative commented: "On behalf of Artemis-Aerosurvey, we are particularly pleased with the inclusion of the company in the si-Cluster. This collaboration will allow us to maintain and strengthen our common vision and aspirations for the development of Space Technology and its applications in Greece under the Corallia umbrella. Efforts to restart and develop a competitive and transparent economy can be through co-ordinated cooperative actions in innovative and export activities that are the levers for the exit from the crisis. We also hope to assist in the development, deployment and enhancement of technology and Space applications, services and terrestrial infrastructures for the benefit of domestic industry and research, including Remote Sensing activities, by exploiting the country's participation in international and European organizations and programs".

Further information on Artemis Aerosurvey available here.