si-Cluster welcomes Artemis Aerosurvey

Athens, 09th October 2017: The si-Cluster welcomes a new member, Artemis Aerosurvey, a privately held start-up company specialized in Earth Observation and Environmental Monitoring, Geospatial projects development and in technical infrastructure monitoring, using cutting edge technology, and finally, in the development of advanced GIS and Remote Sensing services.

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gi-Cluster - Cap Digital: Franco-Hellenic cooperation in Creative Industries

Athens, November 25, 2015. The existing Franco-Hellenic cooperation in Creative Industries, between gi-Cluster Cap Digital, is being further strengthened with the participation of a gi-Cluster delegation at a bilateral event to be held on December 17th in Paris, during which the implementation of joint research & technological development and innovation projects, between the two clusters will be explored, particularly within the European Framework Programme «Horizon 2020».

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