Moptil is a technology company focused on developing innovative applications of three-dimensional representations using augmented and virtual reality.

The apps developed by Moptil particularly focus on the three-dimensional representation of monuments that add value to the destinations of interest and at the same time, contribute towards educating and informing users about the history of those locations. In this context the Moptil has already developed three, three-dimensional digital representation applications, one for each archaeological site and specifically, for the Acropolis, Olympia and Knossos.

It is interesting to note that the company’s operations and services contribute both in tourism and education. In the tourism sector, it provides services to tour operators by providing an augmented and virtual reality innovative service to visitors of sites of interest. In the education sector, it contributes by implementing an extensive program at schools, where students are offered "virtual journeys" to individual archaeological sites via the exploitation of the possibilities offered by technology of Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality) technology.