Mobics, founded in 2006 as a spin-off company of University of Athens, is a research intensive SME. With a competitive team of experienced researchers and programmers, it develops novel technology for various application domains. Its focus is on open platforms and technologies related to context- and situation-aware applications. Its solutions include computer vision algorithms, sensor data processing, Web and mobile interfaces. One of its most popular services is ploigos.gr, one of the top geo-portals in Greece.

A product that targets the sports domain is mobiXeyes, currently used in Beach-Racket tournaments. This is a real-time stereo vision system that can detect fast moving object in 3D space. This way, it calculates the (tennis) ball speed in Beach-Racket games and tracks the team scores. A text-to-speech component is integrated for automated sports casting. mobiXeyes is used since 2010 years in Greek tournaments and can be extended to support other sports, as a score measuring or training system.