LazyLand was established in 2003 and is the founder of the largest Greek social gaming network, zoo.gr currently market leader in Greece. Since 2003, LazyLand has been offering several gaming services to publishers and 3rd party developers while creating quality social gaming content.

Zoo.gr is one of the most recognizable internet brands in the age of 18-24, providing rich portfolio of games to end users as well as multiple social and community features within its network. Users of zoo.gr have the opportunity to interact with each other while playing their favorite games, enjoy the immediacy of communication and a friendly and functional interface. LazyLand team always tries to keep the simplicity and "hide" the technology from the end user.

Driven by enthusiasm for the online world and confidence that social gaming would transform the way people play games, LazyLand has developed a diversified portfolio of social titles aiming to break the barriers of social gaming globally. LazyLand addresses both to all kinds of publishers/websites willing to host social gaming content and generate revenues from in game purchases and game developers interested in distributing their games through LazyLand affiliate network.

By participating in the gi-Cluster Initiative and collaborating with fellow Cluster members in a grand-scale technological project, LazyLand aims to expand its reach further, offering cutting-edge B2C and B2B solutions to users and partners worldwide.