Icehole games is a small software house specializing in sport management and strategy games, as well as in the development of customised games for other companies.

The companies more successful game is the "Wolrd Basketball Manager" (WBM) series. WBM is a basketball strategy game that lets you take control of your favourite team and start an international career as a basketball manager. The series started back in 2004 and continues to improve using the fans' feedback and the experience from previous versions. The company has also launched the following games:

  • Us And Them - Cold War: a turn-based strategy game about cold war, a game of territorial expansion, where the rivals do not attack their opponent using military force, instead they use an army of Spies, Assassins and Experts of various kinds in order to destabilise the enemy's countries socially, economically, politically and finally to change their governments' ideology and attach them in their own political block.
  • WBM Tycoon: The latest addition in the successful World Basketball Manager series. It's a fresh look in sport strategy games, that combines the classic manager game with the financial management and development of a Tycoon type game.
  • Easy Soccer Manager: A custom game using mainly the World Basketball Engine and developing a new 2D soccer match engine.
  • Select quiz: A quiz game in Greek language for Android, PC and Facebook
  • "1821 fight for freedom: A turn-based strategy game about the Greek revolution against the Ottoman Empire.
  • Gazzetta Manager": A custom game developed for www.gazzetta.gr. It is an easy-to-play online soccer manager that lets you select a team of real soccer players and win points according to their real life performance.
  • Sim Junta: The strategy game of dirty politics! The user takes the role of the new dictator of Risuena, a small and poor country of the third world and his goal is to reap this country off, transfer the money to his secret Swiss bank account and of course, stay alive and enjoy his wealth.