Eyelead software was founded in 2007 as a university spin-off, with the mission to innovate in 3D visualization technologies and provide a truly cross-platform, fully adaptable game development platform.

Eyelead's enabling technology is the Hive3D Development Platform: an integrated environment that allows team members to collaborate over the network in real time, develop using a single code & content base and deploy multiple versions of their game across all major platforms.

By handling all content and code conversions automatically and optimizing for speed and efficiency wherever required, Hive3D allows developers to add features, make changes and publish updates faster, in a continuous integration workflow.

In addition to managing and updating its core technology, Eyelead also develops 3D games, custom applications and provides 3D content & code production services. In developing, optimizing and bringing its products to market, Eyelead has closely collaborated with industry leading companies like Qualcomm, Sony and Lenovo.