Codefactory is a small software house founded in 2011 and located in Athens. Its main activities are in Web application development, ranging from Web sites to complex custom solutions.

Its founding team consists of 4 young and passionate friends with long experience in IT projects, R&D background and specialization in Web 2.0 technologies (Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Java, Drupal CMS). One of the company's key own projects is playbiriba.com, the digital version of a popular card game in Greece, with quite complex rules.

On the way of implementing playbiriba.com, a fully featured game engine for Web casual games has been designed and developed, suitable for the development of platform independent, multi-player casual games.Key features of the game engine are: multi-player tables, tournaments, rich statistics, JS framework for easy UI development, support for ELO rankings, open technology stack (Java, Websockets, HTML, JSON, Javascript).