The undergraduate studies curriculum of the Department of Electronics Engineering, T.E.I. Piraeus, covers the field of Electronics along with its applications in devices and systems. The undergraduate and graduate programs of the Department offer up-to-date, high-level knowledge in the field of Electronics and its applications, combining theoretical knowledge with practical, laboratory experience. Beyond providing students with a solid background of knowledge in the subject of Electronics and cultivating a methodology of thinking in order to approach and solve science and technology problems, the curriculum aims to a spherical development of the student's personality and professional conscience.

In addition to the above, the Department systematically supports and develops research activities in order to promote science and technology in the field of Electronics and its applications and contribute to the development of knowledge in the field.

Finally, the Department pursues the systematic interconnection and interaction with industry or service provision institutions, units or plants, as well as professional organizations, to help improve its curriculum, update its life-long learning programs and secure the status of its graduates in contemporary labor market. Within this framework, emphasis is placed on the preparation of graduate students for a European professional career, by means of exchange and mobility programs and co-operations, under the ECTS.